Official Launch!

space shuttle launch

A space shuttle launch

I’ve been working on this little network of blogs, and preparing it for launch for quite a while. It has been a side-project until recently, but took center stage when my little self-improvement project began to focus on the problem of procrastination.

I’m so happy to finally have this site ready to share with people!

I would love it if everyone who visits  would:

  • take a peek around at the several blogs you will find up there in the “blogs” menu
  • leave at least one comment on one of the posts
  • share at least one post on one of these blogs on your facebook wall
  • subscribe to any or all the blogs on this network
  • post a link to any blog in this network on your own blog or web site

I know that most blog readers don’t bother with most of those things, but all the same, I’d love it if every visitor did at least one of the above.¬† I hope you’ll find the things I’ve written about so far (or what’s coming next) well enough that you feel like doing one of the above.

Here’s a copy of the network map page, and brief summary of each blog in my network:

Home: Where you are now, the core blog for This will contain everything else. I plan for a number of things will live here, including: Feeds to my Reviews, Feeds to my Reviews, Blog Update Information for the blog network, Product Reviews and Recommendations, on rare occasion I may also make Personal Blog Posts, or talk about Travel. Basically, anything that does not fit one of the other sites, and is a low-controversy topic will be stored here.

The Personal Revolution: A blog dedicated to personal growth, self-realization, psychology, and personal liberation. The site will focus on techniques, books, methods, and teachers/guides. Additionally, a focus on taking the personal out into the world and making it political. Ultimately, the intent of this blog is to contribute toward the positive transformation of human society, but I’ll be doing that by focusing on individuals, rather than focusing on society.

Mindbenders: A blog dedicated to mind-bending movies, books, and other entertainment. The site will include reviews and discussion of mind-bending stories of all types.

Opinion: A blog dedicated to opinion essays, satire, political commentary, social commentary, conspiracy theories, and red herrings. Trust nothing. I’m as full of it as anyone, but unafraid to be controversial and say what I really think. Expect ruthless honesty. All controversial topics not belonging on another blog will be stored here, out of site of the Home blog.

Poetry: A blog archive of my poetry. Some of it very old. Some of it new. I plan a few avant garde literary experiments coming in the near future. The one great thing about my college education was my major program: Creative Writing. I had opportunity to study directly with several amazing poets, and extensively with Lucille Clifton, one of the finest poets on the continent. I don’t claim to be great, and this blog probably w0n’t see a lot of activity, but I hope you’ll enjoy it. Beware: content may be controversial or offensive to some.

Fiction: A blog of my written fiction. This will come later, and I plan to begin a new writing experiment: a serialized interactive web novel.

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