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e.b. sarver

I was born in a suburb of Chicago back in 1968. I lived in the windy city until age 5, when my family moved to a suburb of Minneapolis. There I remained until 1986, when I came to California to study Literature and Creative Writing at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

After graduation, I spent a couple of years deciding what would be next for me. I wanted to get involved in film production, but the graduate schools only wanted me for their screenwriting programs. I decided to strike out on my own in the (then new) field of multimedia and game design. I returned to classes at the Vancouver Film School, and received a certificate in 3D Computer Animation.

Next, I spent several years working on animation for computer and video game makers, including Magic Quest (makers of the “Math Blaster” kids educational games), Interplay Productions, and Blackops Entertainment. Like many artists, I grew weary of working in an industry where my art was constantly compromised by clueless executives or marketing people. I began to see that if I wanted any control over my art, I would have to become a manager.

As the Internet Bubble inflated, I changed careers to work as a manager of online media projects, and when the Internet Bubble burst, I lost that cushy management position, and moved on to a career in the healing arts.

Again I returned to school, obtaining certificates in Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Reiki, as well as learning other healing techniques such as Sound Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Tantra. I worked steadily in this field from 2001 to 2008, but now see fewer clients as my focus has shifted back to the online world.

Over the years, I have maintained a steady interest and sought out new information about personal growth and development, human psychology, sociology, the hard sciences, religion and religious history, the occult, consciousness expansion, sexuality, and various other frontiers of human understanding intended to better the self or mankind. These interests have inspired me to dedicate one blog entirely to the topic of self-realization.  I call it The Personal Revolution, after a quote by Michael Franti, who once said, “the personal revolution is far more difficult, and is the first step in any revolution.” One of my intentions is to change the world into utopia. I hope this blog network will be a step in that direction, and that The Personal Revolution can occur for each of my readers, as well as everyone else around the world.

Also throughout those years, I have constantly written. I love to discuss and debate. I love to offer advice. I love to spend time working out ideas on paper. In my various career incarnations, writing always played a central role. In my personal life, the topics that interest me have fueled thousands of online conversations. I will endeavor to bring my readers some of the best of my ideas, my inspirations, my techniques and my insights in the most authentic language I can use to express them.

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