Advertising is one revenue stream for this blog network. The blogs within the e.b. sarver blog network will all adhere to the following advertising policy with regards to ads placed on these sites.

Basic Ads

Ads will be displayed on this network in many areas. Ads may be displayed for just about any product, and should not be taken as an endorsement of said products by the site or site owners. No specific claims are made by the site or site owners about any products or services advertised on this network using basic advertisements. It should be assumed by all readers of blogs on this network that most external links entail some form of advertising or affiliate revenue for the network.


Any review of a product or service is a review based on actual use of the product by the author of the post. No product or service will ever be reviewed on this site without first receiving a proper testing and evaluation.


Many times a product or service will be reviewed, and a link will be given for more information, or to make a purchase. In many cases, the owner of this site will receive compensation in exchange for referrals provided to third parties. It is the policy of this site to only promote sales of affiliate products that have been used by the author, and found to be of benefit. Whenever an affiliate relationship exists, the user will see the text “Visit my affiliate link for more information.” When this text is not present, no compensation arrangement exists between the vendor and the author.

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