Why Should You Believe What I Write?

Robert Anton Wilson

"Belief is the death of intelligence." ~ Robert Anton Wilson

You shouldn’t.

Consider that you would be better served by this site (and by life in general) if you treated everything skeptically. My ideas and brain are not superior. I haven’t cornered the market on truth.

I like to think I know it all, and can get pretty arrogant at times, but the fact is that I’m about as knowledgeable as anyone else – which is to say, not that knowledgeable at all.

My mind seems incapable of complete certainty. I prefer the “maybe logic” of Robert Anton Wilson, pictured at right. While I have no certainties in my life, I have many suspicions, some stronger than others. I tend to favor reason and evidence over intuition and emotion, though I do sometimes tip the balance in the opposite direction. Regardless, I suggest you do the same: be willing to examine and re-examine things that previously seemed fairly certain.

Remember, all our tools of communication and knowledge are models – representations of the real things – and not to be confused with the things themselves.

“The map is not the territory.” ~ Alfred Korzybski

I encourage my readers to do what I do. Assume everything new that you hear is wrong. Get a second opinion and a third opinion. Cross reference. Read further. Learn more. Don’t accept easy answers.

Similarly, don’t reject outside-the-box thinking like mine simply because it may be unfamiliar to you. A great many so-called skeptics are nothing more than people with unyielding beliefs. The skeptics said we would never leave Earth’s orbit, never walk on the moon, never cross the oceans, never conquer smallpox, and a whole unending list of “nevers.” Things may be true even though they are beyond your imagination.

My opinions have been shaped and changed by new information, new technology, or new people in my life more times than I can count. Allow your ideas to be changeable, as history shows that even our most perfect models today will likely be improved in the future.  Don’t accept my answers just because they sound right to you. Don’t reject my answers just because they sound wrong to you. Test alternate theories always.

Test it. Does the model I propose work better than the other models? If so, use them. If not, toss them out and use what works for you.

Don’t believe in me,
anything I tell you,
or anything anyone else tells you.
Don’t even believe in what you tell yourself.

Question everything.

I’ll let you in on a secret: It is all make-believe.

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