Review: HSBC BestBuy RewardZone MasterCard

My recommendation: DON’T GET ONE OF THESE.

I have one. I have one mainly because I went through a bankruptcy a few years back, and this is the only “normal card” (one without a ton of fees) that would take me. My credit score is good now, it is just the bankruptcy on my record that screws me for getting credit. So, in attempting to re-establish my credit, I am willing to accept deals from jerks like these guys. Unless you’re in my situation, you should find a better card.

Anyhow…here’s my review of their services and two recent stories about my experience with them.

HSBC Best Buy RewardZone MasterCard

Out of 5 possible stars (1 being “suck” and 5 being “awesome”)

Rewards Program: ****
Customer Service: **
Terms and Conditions: *

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Samsung Transform and Credo Mobile Review

I don’t like phones that much. I never have. I much prefer to speak in person, or to use text to communicate. And so I am not in the habit of replacing phones often. This is how it comes to be that it took until 2011 for a techie geek like me to get a new “smart phone.”
samsung transform

I finally got tired of that tired old Motorola RAZR and its battery that died at weird unpredictable intervals, only to regain full life after being turned off and then on again. I finally got fed up with typing text messages on that crappy little phone keypad.

I broke down and got myself a Samsung Transform running Android 2.1 on the Credo Mobile service. I am in love with both my new service and my new “smartphone,” which I think is truly deserving of the name Tricorder rather than phone.


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