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These blogs are intended to become a source of income, and to make writing my principal source of income. The more people that show their support, the more financially successful this network of blogs will become.  The more financially successful this network becomes, the less I will have to take other forms of work.  The less time I have to dedicate to working elsewhere, the more time I will have to dedicate to writing new articles, stories and poems for you, dear readers.

There are a number of ways that you can show support for this network of blogs, and for myself, the author. I would appreciate your support any way you choose to show it.  Direct financial support is, of course, the best way to support the continued success of the blog network, but any form of support you can give will be equally appreciated.  It is because of you, dear readers, that these sites even exist.  After many years of hearing, “I wish you had all this stuff in one place,” from friends who enjoy the things I write; well, I’ve finally provided that.  This network would not exist if it were not for friends who truly appreciate my work.  Thank you, friends, for gently nudging me in this direction with your kind words of support.

Sharing Promotes

Every post on this network has a sharing bar at the bottom.  It helps this blog to succeed when you share it with your friends on social networks and directly through messages.  Please share anything you find of interest, or worthy of discussion with your friends.

Every post on this network also has a Facebook “like” button.  If you like a post, please take just a second to click the like button.  It helps promote this blog, and helps more people find it through the search engines and through Facebook.

Additionally, many of the posts on this network are about topics intended to better humanity.  Consider that by spreading the memes contained herein, you may be helping to expand the general peace, welfare, expansion and growth of your fellow humans and of human society.  Help promote a better world for everyone!

Rating and Commenting Shows Your Interest

Every post on this network also has star ratings and comments enabled, and every comment posted can also be rated with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Please take a moment of your time to rate each post that you read.  The ratings help others navigate the site, and show that the blog is active and interesting to people.

If you have sufficient interest and time, please take a couple of minutes to write a thoughtful comment about any post that interests you.  Posts with discussions, additions, links for more information, and simple comments about how the  post makes you feel show a great deal of support by demonstrating to others that the blog is active and interesting to people.

Ad Clicks, Store Purchases, and Affiliate Purchases Generate Commissions

Ads appear in numerous places on this network, and each click on an ad generates a small commission for me.  With some ads, I get a larger commission if you make a purchase after clicking, but nothing for the actual click.  Please click on any ad that interests you during your visit to the site, and please consider making a purchase if you do.

My Amazon Store is linked in the main menu of each blog on this network.  All items in the Amazon Store are items that I either own and use, or are by authors, artists, musicians or companies that I have utilized and trust.  I will never share any product in my Amazon Store if I have no knowledge or experience with the product, company or creator.  Please consider making a purchase from my Amazon Store if you find something there that is to your liking.  You can consider everything on it as having a personal recommendation from me.  If you have similar tastes to mine, you’ll probably enjoy it, whatever it is.

I will be selling a number of items through Affiliate Programs.  Whenever I link to an affiliate program of any kind, you’ll always find an indication of that written on the page.  For example, I am an affiliate of the Catalyst Theme, the WordPress theme that I use on all the sites in my network.  When you click on one of my Catalyst Theme links, you are directed to their site, and if you make a purchase, I gain a commission.  If you find a product I’ve recommended to be interesting enough to consider making a purchase, please be sure to do it by clicking on my affiliate link, instead of just going to the site on your own.  Every purchase made through one of my affiliated sites helps financially support this network, and my writing in general.

Direct Financial Support Earns You a Place on the Wall of Supporters

Please consider showing your direct financial support by sending a Gift via PayPal.  If you send more than $50, I’ll put your name on a special “Wall of Supporters” page, and will give you a link back to your site if you want it.  If you don’t want to be included on this page, just let me know in the comments of your PapPal donation.  If you do want the link, let me know your URL in the comments of your PayPal donation.

Remember, this site is totally free to use, and always will be (unless I sell it, and someone takes it over – they may change things).  I’ll never charge you to access my writing.  I don’t believe in copyrights, and won’t chase you down if you cut and paste my words elsewhere.  (But please don’t take any photos; I paid for many of those, and only have a license to display them here.  The original owners of the images do believe in copyrights, and might not take kindly to you using them elsewhere.)

Because I do not charge any sort of subscription fees, it means I need to get my income other ways.  If this were a subscription site, would you be willing to pay for it?  How much would it be worth to you?  Please consider sending that amount to me, and if it is worth X per year, please send that X every year, to show your continued support, and keep this network alive and kicking.

Note: There is not presently a Wall of Supporters page, because I just launched this blog, and nobody has sent me a gift for $50 or more.  As soon as someone does, the wall will go up, and there will be a link to it in the “About” menu of every blog on this network.  Thank you for considering taking the honor of being the first contributor.  Contributors on the Wall of Supporters will be ordered by size of total lifetime donations to this network.

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